We use the highest grade lumber to ensure sturdiness and strength. A resilient and durable finish is applied to the inside and outside of all of our trunks. We offer many stain colors and can match most any tack room color scheme. We can also customize any type of farm logo or lettering.

We use solid brass hasps and heavy-duty spring loaded handles. The hinge/safety chain is solid brass and attached securely to the lid.

We have added a stainless-steel trim piece fastened to the bottom of all trunks to protect them from damp or rough ground.

With all of these features we can safely say these tack trunks will last you many, many years. And if, for some reason they do get damaged we will service and repair them as well.

We can count among our customers some of the most successful competitors and trainers on the show circuit today. And although our trunks were designed mainly to go "on the road" they are also a great addition for any barn at home or away.

We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have at any time, just give us a call.